Frequently asked questions about ProTech Colours:

Q. Protech Technology – what is it?
A.  Protech Technology is about making cooler
colours using specific pigments that reflect the
invisible INFRA-RED portion of the Sun’s radiation
which accounts for around 50% of the total light
energy from the Sun.

Q. What colours are available?
A.  Dulux® InfraCOOL® technology is an option for
most colours across the AcraTex® Roof Membrane
Next Generation colour range. Additionally Dulux®
has formulated comparable colour matches to
most popular tile and metal roofing colours. Some
colours benefit more than others from Protech
Technology. Refer to the Protech colour range
charts and website for confirmation of availability
and performance potential by colour.

Q.  Light Colours are Cool and Dark colours
are hot – aren’t they ?
A.  Well – Yes and No! The reason we see the
colours we see is because of the portions of the
visible light spectrum that are either absorbed or
reflected (think of the portions of visible light as
the colours in a rainbow).

White reflects almost all visible light – and
we see the colour white as a result.Black absorbs
almost all visible light, and any light not reflected is
absorbed as heat – which is why dark surfaces are

Visible (or “colour”) light makes up less than half
of the Sun’s total light energy. The other 50%
(mainly invisible InfraRed) is largely ignored in
conventional products. Protech
reflects more InfraRed radiation so dark
colours can be made cooler.

Q. Will my home be cooler ?
A.  Because roofs are often exposed to so much sun light,
they can capture and transmit significant heat to the
building. The degree of change Cool Roofs can make
to interiors depends on things such as colour choice,
building design (including roof pitch, materials &
window placement), insulation, ventilation,
occupancy use, shading, location, climate and ratio
of exposed roof area to floor area. What we say about
InfraCOOL® is that it reflects light as light, before it can
be absorbed as heat and that means less heat to combat
in the first instance.

Q. Is Insulation important?
A.  Insulation is important in the overall efficiency of
buildings as is ventilation. Insulation slows heat transfer
– including heat loss in winter. Insulation types work at
different levels which is important to consider also.
Cool Roof paint will be most effective in homes with
minimal or just “batt” type insulation over ceilings
as roof spaces can get very hot and heat can be
transferred to occupancy zones. InfraCOOL® reflects
light before it can be captured as heat, reducing heat
gain into roof spaces in the first instance.
Cool Roof paint is less effective in homes with
radiant barrier insulation (e.g. foil directly under roof).

Q. What is Dulux Cool Roof ?
A.  Dulux Cool Roof is our high-build Roof Membrane
that incorporates InfraCOOL® Technology to
reflect more of the Sun’s light radiation from
surfaces before it can be converted to heat.

Q. How much cooler are Protech ?
A.  It varies depending on the colour chosen,
the construction and the weather conditions.
For a Charcoal coloured roof, surface
temperature reductions greater than 10ºC
can be achieved in hot weather.

Q. So will all colours be 10ºC cooler?
A.  No. InfraCOOL® works on the invisible InfraRed
portion of the Sun’s light energy. The visual colour
still makes a difference because what is absorbed
or reflected in the visual spectrum determines the
colour we see. The TSR (Total Solar Reflection)
of the colour is an indicator of which colours are
coolest. The higher the TSR, the cooler the colour.
The colour card shows TSR for each colour and
our website has a full test report for each colour
including its predicted surface temperature based
on specific weather conditions.

Q. Why state TSR, not temperature?
A.  TSR (Total Solar Reflection) is the best way to
compare colour vs colour because it shows only
the absolute difference the colour makes. We
can give a prediction of the surface temperature
any colour can reach by measuring its TSR (Total
Solar Reflection) and using the Internationally
accepted Test method (ASTME1980) to estimate
the surface temperature under specific conditions
for air temperature, wind, solar intensity and heat
escape or “emissivity”.

Q. Can I save money on cooling ?
A.  If your home is cooled by a refrigerate Air Conditioner,
then reducing heat gain via your roof can make sense
to lower cooling energy demand. There are many
variables associated with running costs from site to site
so we are unable to confirm savings for every case.

What we can say, based on studies published
internationally1, is that Cool Roofs can be an effective
strategy, combined with other building efficiency aspects
to reduce cooling energy demand.

Make sure your roofs are covered and protected by PROTECH