Protech Colours can help keep your home cooler

ProTech has you covered for Professional Roof Restoration

As the largest and most trusted coatings company in Australia, we don’t just stop at walls – ProTech is part of our Roof Membrane Next Generation Range for Professional Roof Restoration

How Protech technology works ?

Protech reflects more sunlight BEFORE it can be absorbed as heat.
Because of their large surface area, and exposure, ROOF SURFACES
can capture and radiate the Sun’s energy.

Protech Colours can help reduce cooling costs



Reflects more of the Sun’s radiation and can improve the cooling efficiency of existing buildings.

Total Solar Reflection

Approximately 50% of the
Sun’s total light energy is
invisible infrared.
Protech maximises
reflection of infrared radiation
to keep surfaces cooler

Reflect Heat BEFORE

It can be absorbed.
By reflecting heat in the
first instance surfaces don’t
super-heat and capture
the heat load. Insulation is
important but acts AFTER
heat is absorbed.

COOL Roofs

Due to their large surface
area and angle of exposure,
Roof Surfaces can capture
large  amounts of the Sun’s
energy  and COOL ROOFS
can offer cooling & energy
efficiency benefits.

The Benefits of PROTECH

 Reflects Radiation, Lessens Heat

Weathered Galv/Zincalume and  Dark Coloured roofs often absorb large amounts of solar radiation which can in-turn transmit heat into occupancy zones. Cool Roofs reflect light energy in the first instance – before heat is
absorbed, meaning insulation & cooling efficiencies are maximised.

 Can Help Reduce Cooling Costs

Less Heat penetration can lower cooling energy demand. Comparative Studies identify significant cooling  energy savings are possible using Cool Roof Technology.

 Can Improve Occupancy Comfort

In non-air conditioned facilities such as workshops and warehousing,  cool roofs can translate to cooler  working and warehousing facilities.

Make sure your roofs are covered and protected by PROTECH